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A greyscale image of Voice Trio, Victoria Couper, Clemmie Franks and Emily Burn, sitting on a step and laughing.

Hildegard Transfigured: A Medieval Trance for the 21st Century with Voice Trio

LSO St Luke's Guest Artist

LSO St Luke's

Tuesday 17 September 2024 • 8.30pm

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Programme to include music by Hildegard von Bingen, Marcus Davidson, Laura Moody and more.

Voice Trio:
Victoria Couper 
Clemmie Franks 
Emily Burn


£22.50, £25
+ £1.50 booking fee per online/phone transaction

Please visit the Barbican website for more information and to book

The soaring, timeless 12th-century arabesques of Hildegard of Bingen meet 21st-century transfiguration in Voice Trio’s intimate and illuminating portrait.

Scientist, theologian, composer, and Benedictine nun, the Abbess Hildegard is celebrated in a collage of music and visuals. Drawing on antiphons from The Harmony of the Symphony of Celestial Revelations, the trio explores the transcendent purity of her music alongside revealing miniatures setting Hildegard’s own words by Laura Moody.

Hildegard and Voice have always been inseparable, but the trio’s repertoire extends from Medieval pilgrim songs right up to the present day. Seasoned collaborators, their contribution to a disc of Janáček was described as ‘heart-stopping and haunting’ (Gramophone). Hildegard Transfigured, however, takes collaboration to the next level as artist Innerstrings applies 60s-style liquid visuals and sound reactive elaboration to mimic the intense visions Hildegard experienced, which she called ‘the living light’.

Produced by the Barbican

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