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Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha wearing a black dress and silver jewellery, posing with one hand on her hip.

Mendelssohn's Elijah

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The Concert

Felix Mendelssohn Elijah
sung in English

Sir Antonio Pappano  conductor
Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha  soprano
Dame Sarah Connolly  mezzo-soprano
Allan Clayton  tenor
Gerald Finley  bass
London Symphony Chorus
London Symphony Orchestra


Available to watch on Marquee TV from 22 February 2024 (subscription required)

Fiery chariots, towering voices; Sir Antonio Pappano, the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Symphony Chorus join forces for Mendelssohn’s monumental oratorio.

The Programme

From its first performance, Elijah received roof-raising applause. It’s one of the three greatest oratorios in musical history, bringing the sacred to life in glorious song.

The life of the Biblical prophet is told in a series of dramatic episodes. We follow the fortunes of the steadfast, open-hearted Elijah, and encounter ministering angels and the vengeful queen Jezebel.

Four voices tell the story, with three singers playing multiple roles, backed by a rousing chorus.

The Performers

The London Symphony Chorus and four electrifying soloists give voice to the oratorio in English, as in its first premiere. Gerald Finley breathes life into the role of Elijah. The LSO and Chief Conductor Designate Sir Antonio Pappano amp up the drama without losing sight of the stillness at the heart of the storm.

Elijah is like an opera. It comes right at you, and the choruses are overwhelming, and yet it also has lyrical moments, the oases of calm that make this piece just so beautiful.

– Sir Antonio Pappano


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