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Jonathan Maloney

Jonathan Maloney


Member since 2022; Professor at the Royal College of Music

I was never that enthusiastic about playing alone but I remember the first time playing with others – maybe eight or nine kids from my school for an assembly – and it was so much better! It was like a perfect mix of a team sport and a noisy and immersive collective puzzle.

Jonathan Maloney was born and raised in Glasgow, and started learning the horn in school. He was a member of Glasgow Schools’ Symphony Orchestra where he discovered a love for playing music with other people. This passion for finding community in music led him to play with many youth ensembles, including the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and the European Union Youth Orchestra.

Jonathan studied at the Royal Northern College of Music and the Royal College of Music in London. After graduating, he worked throughout the UK and abroad as a freelance musician and was acting Fourth Horn with the Philharmonia Orchestra from 2016–2018 before joining the LSO as Fourth Horn in 2022.