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Baroque at the Edge

Sun 10 Jan 2021 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Frederic Weatherly Danny Boy
Orazio Michi Nina nanna al bambino Gesú
Trad Valentines / Turtle Dove
Antonio Bertali Ciaccona
Anon Baccapipes (variations on Greensleeves)
Anon Greensleeves to a ground
Andreas Hammerschmidt Kunst des Küssens
Trad The Firr Tree
Trad I wish the wars were all over
Henry Purcell The Plaint
Trad I wandered through the brookside
Trad If I were a black bird

Lucy Crowe soprano
Tom Moore fiddle
La Nuova Musica
David Bates director

Filmed Event

Tickets: £10


In another unique Baroque at the Edge collaboration, leading classical and folk musicians combine styles and skills in an uplifting celebration of the major role folk song and dance has played in European art music, from the Celtic fringe to the French court.

‘[Lucy Crowe] A singer blessed with look-at-me-and-listen charisma.’ - The Sunday Times

About Baroque at the Edge

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Imagine if Vivaldi was a folk-fiddler, Purcell a protest-singer, or Bach a techno-geek ...  Baroque at the Edge invites leading musicians from all genres to take the music of the Baroque and see where it leads them.

No rules, no boundaries – just Baroque music set loose.

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