ONLINE EVENT: Illustrated Talk - Like Minds | Baroque at the Edge


Baroque at the Edge

Sun 10 Jan 2021 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Nicholas Mulroy tenor

Live Zoom Event with Q&A

Tickets: £5


Singer and Hispanicist Nicholas Mulroy investigates the cultural and political background to the giants of 1960s Latin-American song-writing, and demonstrates their musical affinities with the great song-composers of 17th-century Europe.

About Baroque at the Edge

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Imagine if Vivaldi was a folk-fiddler, Purcell a protest-singer, or Bach a techno-geek ...  Baroque at the Edge invites leading musicians from all genres to take the music of the Baroque and see where it leads them.

No rules, no boundaries – just Baroque music set loose.

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