ONLINE EVENT: Young Artists Showcase | Baroque at the Edge


Baroque at the Edge

Sat 9 Jan 2021 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Jacob Van Eyck The Nightingale
Signore Detri Recorder Sonata in C minor
Annette Ziegenmeyer ‘Who’s Bar Three’ from The Delayed Flute
Markus Zanhausen Minimal Music
Agnes Dorwarth Articulator
Arr Haskins Medieval Medley
Francesco Montanari Recorder Concerto in B flat major
Antonio Vivaldi, arr Eliza Haskins Recorder Concerto in C minor ‘collage’
PerKelt arr Haskins & Azzalini-Machecler Pilgrim FusioN

Eliza Haskins recorder
Toril Azzalini-Machecler percussion

Filmed Event

Tickets: £10


Two alumni of BBC Young Musician 2020 join forces to explore music from the past and present, ranging from 17th-century baroque compositions by Van Eyck, Montanari and more, to contemporary sounds and unique personal arrangements of music by Vivaldi and folkband PerKelt.

About Baroque at the Edge

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Imagine if Vivaldi was a folk-fiddler, Purcell a protest-singer, or Bach a techno-geek ...  Baroque at the Edge invites leading musicians from all genres to take the music of the Baroque and see where it leads them.

No rules, no boundaries – just Baroque music set loose.

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