Dr L Subramaniam's Bharat Symphony


Closing concert of UK/INDIA 2017 Festival

Tue 28 Nov 2017 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Barbican Hall, London

Indian classical set: Dr Subramaniam + musicians
DR L SUBRAMANIAM Bharat Symphony (UK premiere)
DR L SUBRAMANIAM Fantasy on Vedic Chants (UK premiere)

Dr L Subramaniam violin and vedic chants
Kavita Krishnamurthy vocals
Nagaraj Tulluri flute
Dhulipala Srirama Murthy mridangam
Tanmoy Bose tabla
Josep Vicent conductor
London Symphony Orchestra


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Marking 70 years of India’s Independence, violin icon Dr L Subramaniam presents his new work, the Bharat Symphony.

Before making its UK premiere at the Barbican, the Bharat Symphony will be performed at the Chicago World Music Festival in September. The work symbolizes the four major periods of Indian heritage: the Prehistoric Vedic period; the Mughal period; the British period and finally, the post-Independence modern period.

Incorporating melodic chants from Rigveda, 5000 year old sacred Sanskrit texts and Hindustani instruments, the work is an elegant tapestry of Indian culture, with the fourth movement symbolizing the post-independence period, tracing global influences over the last 70 years. Subramaniam and the LSO are joined by an Indian ensemble, including some of India’s most celebrated artists.

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