Gianandrea Noseda: Shostakovich, Prokofiev & Tchaikovsky

Shostakovich, Prokofiev & Tchaikovsky, introduced by Gianandrea Noseda, LSO Principal Guest Conductor

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Due to the continuing restrictions caused by Covid-19, the LSO’s planned concerts at the Barbican Centre,
as well as Discovery Days and Singing Days at LSO St Luke’s, are unavoidably cancelled until 14 December.
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Shostakovich: 'Babi Yar' 
> CANCELLED 8 November 2020


Half Six Fix: Shostakovich
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Prokofiev Fifth Symphony 
> CANCELLED 12 November 2020

Carmina Burana
> 20 December 2020
> 22 December 2020


Shostakovich 'The Year 1905' 
> 25 February 2021
> 28 February 2021


Half Six Fix: Tchaikovsky 'Pathétique'
> 8 April 2021

Tchaikovsky, Debussy & Mark Simpson
> 11 April 2021


'As a conductor you try to get inside the music, to find the element of truth that is hidden behind the notes – but knowing that you will never get to the ultimate truth, because you can’t talk to the great masters. There is something the composer wanted to say strongly, emotionally, historically, and it’s there, written in the music … you have to try to solve the enigma. What drives me as a conductor is going back to the score, because when you are working with a great orchestra there will always be something that will surprise you.

Shostakovich speaks to me, and I’m sure he speaks to the soul of 21st-century people. He lived his whole life with this dualism of, ‘Should I be myself, or should I say what the Soviets want me to say? How can I give the impression of accomplishing what they want, but stay 100% myself?’ Sometimes in his music there is 98% sadness and 2% euphoric happiness in the same moment – and vice versa.’

Gianandrea Noseda