Hire the Orchestra

In addition to its busy concert and touring schedule, the LSO is available to hire for commercial recordings, film soundtracks, jingles and video games.

It currently records around 25 projects per year for a wide variety of clients - film companies, classical composers, pop producers, computer game developers, jingle writers and library music.

'For me there is one orchestra – the LSO'
Alexandre Desplat

The LSO can help with all your needs, including finding a suitable studio, conductor and chorus. The LSO can provide any number of players from full orchestras to chamber ensembles and top specialist players for non-orchestral instruments if required. No matter what your specific requirements are, you can rely on the world-class LSO to make sure your recording is as successful as possible.

'Composers like myself who have been privileged to have their work performed and recorded by the LSO have had the ultimate experience - consummate musicianship, intuitive, sensitive, refined playing coupled with an extraordinary studio discipline and professionalism.'
Trevor Jones

Why hire the LSO?

  1. A World Class Orchestra
    The LSO needs no introduction – London's oldest orchestra and one of the most famous and most recorded in the world, the LSO is renowned for its consistently high quality performance both in the concert hall and recording studio.

    The LSO's speed at sight reading is second to none, saving clients lots of time. And to quote Alexandre Desplat, 'The LSO doesn’t just play the notes perfectly the first time, they play the music.'

  2. Always the LSO
    The LSO guarantees that the orchestra presented is indeed the LSO. The same Principal players will be available for every recording session during a project, and because all the players play together on a regular basis, there is a unity and cohesion of sound which is not obtained from a freelance orchestra. The only exception to this is when we have guest players, often on trial for LSO membership, or if the booking is made late, in which case we would book as many LSO members as possible and make sure of the quality we provide the client, often in discussion with the composer and/or conductor. The LSO NEVER accepts two conflicting engagements concurrently – this ensures the orchestra in the studio IS the LSO.

    'The experience of performing and recording with the LSO, let alone composing for them, is unforgettable. Their meticulous attention to detail, tone production, emotional expression and effortless depth of understanding was an inspiration from the very first rehearsal to the final note of the performance. A dream come true.'
    Nitin Sawhney

  3. Self-governing
    The LSO is self-governing and several of the Board of Directors and Orchestra Committee of the Board are playing members. The advantage of this system is that if there are any issues during the recording sessions – either technical or otherwise – the LSO Board, on behalf of its members, can take decisions to facilitate solutions, which the members then adhere to. This differs from a freelance orchestra where individuals do not have the same allegiance to their own company – all LSO members are shareholders in the London Symphony Orchestra Ltd and therefore have a strong sense of doing what is best for the client.

  4. Top Principal Players
    In addition to the consistently high quality of the whole Orchestra, many of the LSO’s Principals are international soloists in their own right, performing around the world as well as playing concertos and chamber works in LSO concerts. For example, composer Patrick Doyle was so impressed by the playing of one of our Leaders, Carmine Lauri, that the film score for As You Like It featured violin solos written especially for Carmine, and Patrick later wrote a concerto for him. The late Maurice Murphy, Principal Trumpet for 30 years, was featured in every episode of Star Wars since he opened the very first film in 1977 with the now famous theme.

    'The standard of musicianship and technique is extraordinary and I am continually amazed and moved by their professionalism and commitment to my music and music in general.' Patrick Doyle

  5. Friendly
    The warmth and friendliness of the LSO players is always commented on by composers, conductors and producers.

  6. MU rates
    We charge based on rates agreed with the UK Musicians’ Union but there is no standard rate card as every enquiry is looked at on a case-by-case basis.

How to hire the LSO

To discuss your project in more detail and to get a quote, contact Mario de Sa, Concerts & Recordings Manager

Tel: +44 20 7588 1116

Email Mario de Sa