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If you've ever missed one of our live streamed concerts, or wanted to find that LSO performance you first caught on TV then you are in luck! You can now watch a wide range of the Orchestra's concert performances on the new Stingray Classica app. To celebrate we invited Stingray Classica to talk a bit about their new platform. Read on to find out more and click here to try it free for 2 months! 

Digital music consumption in the 21st century is the product of over a century of technological discoveries and inventions. From the birth of Edison’s phonograph in 1877 to today’s competitive collection of streaming platforms, all technological advancements within the field of music share the same objective: to take the magic of musical enjoyment beyond the last row of the concert hall. What was once done via vinyl records, CDs and audio streaming services, has been taken to a multisensorial level by the rise of video-on-demand. This development has undoubtedly made symphonic music more inclusive, and at the same time added layers to the musical experience not even imagined by the composers of our favourite works themselves. The bittersweet sounds of Symphonie fantastique can perhaps only be grasped entirely when watching a concert recording by ourselves. Introducing the festive melodies of The Nutcracker to our little ones on the 25th of December can become a new cozy Christmas tradition. All in all, taking classical music outside the concert hall can surely make our favourite pieces even more relatable and weave them more tightly into our lives. We can be the creative directors of our own living room.


Stingray Classica works across desktop, mobile & tablet

Without a doubt, enjoying a symphonic concert in the comfort of our home has its perks - but can constant accessibility also make music less valuable? Musical enjoyment is certainly less exclusive than it used to be in the days of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Music streaming is argued to be indicative of a general shift towards a post-ownership society. However, this does not mean that listeners value music any less now than they did back when it could only be enjoyed in the flesh. On the contrary: we place greater emotional value on a real-life experience than a virtual experience. Essentially, this makes streaming a way to enjoy music anywhere, anytime - but by no means is it intended to replace the concert hall. Therefore, instead of decreasing the value of music, digitisation and streaming increase the emotional value of live music specifically! This is especially true for audiovisual recordings of music. Watching our favorite orchestra from the comfort of our own home does not mean we do not feel the need to attend live concerts anymore – it just makes us value and anticipate such experiences more. A recorded concert lets us relive a beautiful recital we attended and makes us look forward to an upcoming performance. We get to observe different interpretations of our favorite pieces by orchestras, musicians and conductors from all over the world, recorded in renowned venues we might not have come across otherwise. When watching a recorded concert, we all have front row seats and observe every little move made by the musicians we usually admire from afar. We are not limited by living out of reach of our favourite musicians, by health or financial restrictions. Of course, a live concert remains the cherry on top for classical music fans – but a high-quality recording with excellent sound is the next best thing. Streaming makes great classical concerts available for all music aficionados.

A taster of Shostakovich with our Conductor Laureate, Michael Tilson Thomas
Watch the entire concert on Stingray Classica

At Stingray Classica, we believe the world of classical music should be accessible to everyone, anywhere. Motivated by this shared vision, we have partnered with the London Symphony Orchestra to create an app filled with stunning concert recordings, inviting its fans from near and far to enjoy the best of the Orchestra's repertoire digitally. This collaboration provides you with front-row seats to concerts, featuring the LSO’s world-class family of conductors, such as symphonic royalty Sir Simon Rattle, Gianandrea Noseda, François-Xavier Roth and many more!

Get festive with world-class classical music, ballet and opera wherever you are this holiday season. Enjoy the gift of two months free access to a rich catalogue of LSO concerts, as well as the best of festive classical concerts, ballets, opera and a series of stunning Ballet On Ice performances. Make the LSO part of your holiday tradition this year!