Music, Poetry and the Trauma of War

As we approach our weekend marking the centenary of World War I (31 October –2 November), broadcaster and writer Stephen Johnson explores the connection between music and war - its healing and its galvanising properties - and the speakers that will be taking part in our Musical Brain Study Day on Sunday 2 November at LSO St Luke's.

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The LSO in World War I: George Bennett

One of the joys of this project has been the correspondence that is has generated from the public, which has lead to new information coming to light about the LSO and its players during the war.

Recently we were delighted to receive an email from Sam Young, who had read this blog and had some information for us about his Great Grandfather George Bennett. Sam had been researching his Great Grandfather, a horn player with the Hallé Orchestra who sadly had not survived World War I, and had come across some evidence that he had also played with the LSO. Did we have any details, he asked?

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The LSO in World War I: Robert Carrodus

The fifth blog in our series exploring the Members of the LSO who served in World War I tells the story of violinist Robert Carrodus.

We don't actually know very much about violinist Robert Carrodus's life as a soldier in World War I – we think he served either in the West Riding Regiment (Private #15043) or the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (Private #31874)**, but can't find a definite link to either of the related medal cards – but while we were researching him we came across a very specific piece of information which gave us another piece of the puzzle of how the LSO as an organisation coped during the conflict.

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Interview: Rafael Payare

We catch up with Venezuelan hot-shot Rafael Payare, recently appointed Chief Conductor of the Ulster Orchestra, who tells us why everyone ought to come to his LSO debut concert on Thursday 9 October

Imagine I don't know a lot about classical music. How would you describe what a conductor does?

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