Introducing the LSO's Community Gamelan Group

No musical training? No sight-reading skills? No worries! The Indonesian gamelan is the orchestra where the only entry requirement is a love of rhythm.

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What happens at an LSO Discovery Singing Day?

On one of the first drizzly Sundays in autumn, LSO Choral Director Simon Halsey rehearses Beethoven’s Christ on the Mount of Olives in a singing day at LSO St Luke’s.

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Watch the LSO on Stingray Classica

If you've ever missed one of our live streamed concerts, or wanted to find that LSO performance you first caught on TV then you are in luck! You can now watch a wide range of the Orchestra's concert performances on the new Stingray Classica app. To celebrate we invited Stingray Classica to talk a bit about their new platform. Read on to find out more and click here to try it free for 2 months! 

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An interview with Sophya Polevaya

Ahead of the world premiere of her piece, Spellbound Tableaux, we caught up with composer and saxophonist Sophya Polevaya to talk about her compositional process, Hitchcock, and her debut album!

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Six things you should know about Bartók's The Miraculous Mandarin

Hungary, 1918-20: the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapses and a series of revolutions and counter-revolutions see the birth and demise of the First Hungarian Republic, the Hungarian Soviet Republic and the Hungarian Republic, each lasting a matter of months. Against this turbulent political background, Bartók began writing his pantomime-ballet The Miraculous Mandarin. Ahead of the LSO’s performance of the work on Thursday 19 December, here are six things you need to know.

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