LSO Discovery runs a number of practical workshops at LSO St Luke's for all Key Stages.

Booking is currently closed for these workshops as we continue to review Government guidance on indoor gatherings and social distancing. We will update our website as soon as we have further information.

Music Technology Workshops

There are three music technology workshops available:

Remix the Orchestra
For Key Stage 2 to A-level

Remix the Orchestra workshop

The class uses samples from the LSO's catalogue to create a new composition. Focusing on listening and arrangement, this workshop is beneficial to students from Key Stage 2 through to A-level.

Using GarageBand software, students select loops from the LSO’s extensive recordings and combine them with other styles and genres. The software is extremely easy to learn, yet offers great creative and musical opportunities.

The workshops can run for an hour and a half, three hours, or for a full school day.

This workshop is designed for students with a wide range of musical abilities, and caters for groups of up to 20.

Cost (all costs exclusive of VAT):
1.5hrs: £150
3hrs: £230
6hrs: £440

Composing with Logic Pro X
For GCSE and A-level students

A workshop with an emphasis on musical composition and arrangement using the latest version of Logic. Students will learn how to compose a piece of music by learning and utilising the following techniques and areas of Logic:

  • Arrangement and compositional techniques and song structure.
  • Basic rhythmic concepts: bars, beats, tempo, time signatures & counting
  • How to programme midi parts  
  • Using Apple loops
  • How to use virtual instruments 
  • Basic MIDI editing (regions and piano roll), position, velocity and length)
  • Midi recording and quantise
  • Correcting MIDI: duplicates, legato and note overlap correction
  • Quantization and groove: pushing, pulling, ghost notes, velocity
  • The use of Automation

The workshops can run for three hours or for a full school day.

This workshop is designed for students with a wide range of musical abilities, and caters for groups of up to 20.

Cost (all costs exclusive of VAT):
3hrs: £230
6hrs: £440

Creative Coding for Music
For Key Stage 3 to A-level

Learn to code creatively by composing music in a range of styles; utilising Sonic PI, a free, open source project created at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, which can be download for free and runs on Mac OS, Windows and Raspberry Pi.

This new workshop enables pupils to simultaneously learn musical and coding concepts while continuing to develop a range of computing skills such as thinking creatively, analytically, logically and critically. Building on knowledge and understanding already developed through classroom learning, pupils are guided through the steps required to create their own compositions.

The workshop is specifically structured to cater for three age ranges:

Key Stage 3 (ages 11 – 14)
Explore basic music and coding concepts. Pupils will use these skills, combining a range of musical techniques and instrumentation including synth sounds and samples, to compose their own unique piece of music.

Key Stage 4 (ages 14 – 16)
Musical and coding concepts are covered in further detail, developing pupils’ capability, creativity and knowledge. Further areas covered in this workshop include: basic synthesis concepts, use of sound FX, using randomisation as a compositional tool, and intermediate to advanced use of coding threads.

A-level (ages 16 – 18)
Advanced composition and coding concepts are explored to create sophisticated compositions. The workshop concludes with pupils utilising Sonic PI with MIDI controllers to perform a collaborative piece of music. This workshop will also assist pupils to develop the skills to create and manipulate sound, understand the latest developments in music technology, and develop their knowledge of how computing/coding sits in a broader creative context.

Cost (all costs exclusive of VAT):
1.5hrs: £150
3hrs: £230
6hrs: £440

Balinese Gamelan Workshops

For Key Stage 1 to 5

Young girl playing gamelan

A gamelan is a set of bronze metallophones and tuned gongs indigenous to Indonesia, where it is played for temple ceremonies and to accompany dance, drama and shadow puppet plays. There are many different types; ours is from Bali. The music is formed largely of repeating patterns that can be quickly learned and played as a group by most participants regardless of age or musical experience. Sessions accommodate up to 30 children at LSO St Luke's.

Gamelan is great for developing:

  • listening skills
  • group music making
  • composition techniques
  • an understanding of wider cultural studies

Cost (all prices exclusive of VAT):
1.5hrs: £150
3hrs: £230
6hrs: £440

Combined Gamelan & Remix the Orchestra Workshops

Gamelan and Remix the Orchestra sessions can be combined for a full day of music making at LSO St Luke's. For up to 40 students.

Cost (all costs exclusive of VAT):
3hrs: £360
6hrs: £690


To book technology-only workshops contact Chris Rogers:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7566 2884
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

To book gamelan and combined gamelan and technology workshops contact Chris Bland:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7382 2549
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Arts Award 

Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that support anyone up to the age of 25 grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world. 

Schools Workshops at LSO St Luke's

Arts Award Explore is for young people aged 7–25 years, and is an Entry Level 3 Qualification which takes around 25 hours to complete. LSO Discovery’s schools concerts for Key Stage Two can be used towards the following elements of Arts Award Explore:

  • INSPIRE – take part in one of our workshops and discovery more about music technology or gamelan
  • EXPLORE – meet our experienced workshop leaders, who will help to develop your listening and music-making skills
  • CREATE – compose your own piece of music, either as a group or individually

To find out more about Arts Award click here.

Children in DigiTech room