Take A Bow at the Barbican

Take A Bow at the Barbican

Interview with Karen Brock

As a relatively new music service, we are very interested in how our young instrumentalists progress. We can get them started by providing lessons and instruments (which are free to all pupils who attend our schools) but our biggest challenge is to ensure that they get the opportunity to play with other musicians and that they continue to enjoy the pleasure of making music in ensembles.

Take A Bow gave our students a wonderful opportunity to develop their ensemble skills. They had the chance to not only make music of the highest quality, but to also play with violinists from across London in one of the world’s great concert halls. Most of our young musicians had never even seen an orchestra before, let alone played with one. Take a Bow was a great performance workshop supported by musicians of the highest quality. Our pupil’s ensemble playing improved dramatically and they just can't wait to do another one!

Working with the LSO, together with our colleagues across East London, allows us to be part of a genuinely groundbreaking project. LSO On Track brings professionals from very different music services together to share resources and develop innovative work as we move towards the 2012 Olympic Games. It will give us a musical focus and an opportunity to work together in a way that is truly creative and supports musical excellence.

Karen Brock is Head of Tower Hamlets Arts Music Education Service, and was interviewed by Alec Haylor as part of the LSO On Track programme.

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