Francois-Xavier Roth

Francois-Xavier Roth

Interview with François-Xavier Roth

In your experience (with Take A Bow), what have you felt are the most important things that the students take away from the time you have with them?

It is very important that Take A Bow participants are all of completely different ages. Pupils, students and amateurs – from 5 to 50 – all meet at Take A Bow, to share their common interest in music. Completely different generations of players blend with LSO members on stage to create an amazing performance!

This performance with the LSO is really the heart of Take A Bow. The opportunity to play with this amazing orchestra, to share something with them, is very special. All the players of the Orchestra welcome the participants and make them comfortable. This counts for a lot, as some of the young people have never been in the Barbican Hall before, they perhaps never even dreamed they would be there. After Take A Bow, some of them are now going to concerts regularly and even want to play in the LSO in the future!

What impact does this work have upon you personally?

Both of the Take A Bow concerts I have conducted have been amazing experiences! Giving participants the chance to make music with LSO players in the Barbican Hall is a very simple idea and yet it has never really been done before. Unfortunately, this is because of the strange attitude you sometimes find in orchestras and concert venues towards these kind of events.

Take A Bow was also a great opportunity for me to work with the LSO players, who I know very well, in a completely different way. Belinda MacFarlane in particular was just great at helping the children prepare.

This event had an enormous impact upon me. I just want to do it again and again!

Conductor François-Xavier Roth was interviewed by Alec Haylor as part of the LSO On Track programme.

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