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Ashley Donaldson
Until I saw Sir Colin conduct the first time, I had been torn between studying art or music. Not only did he help me make the difficult decision, but speaking with him a few times over the years, he encouraged me and gave me advice I will never forget. I know how loved and admired he was by his LSO family, and my thoughts are with them, and his own family. Thinking of you all.

Paul van Nieuwkerk
A great interpretor of Berlioz, my favorite!

Phil Toms
This is a sad day for music. Deepest sympathies for his family and musical family, friends and colleagues.

Roberta CUTOLO 
Sir Colin ... I will never forget the magic you created on stage when I saw you conducting for the 1st time - your movements so gentle made my heart uplift and the music flow to a level I have still not felt that same joy ever again .... May your beautiful soul rest in peace.

I was fortunate enough to see you 
conduct the LSO at Avery Fisher Hall
in NYC on your 80th Birthday in 2007.
That night it was Mozart's Piano Concerto
No 27 followed by the Requiem. 
Still one of the best concerts I've 
ever been to. Thanks for the memories . . .
may the music live on.

RIP Sir Colin.

Dorothy Nesbit
I'm so sad to learn of Colin's death this evening. My heart goes out to his family at this time.

It has been a great privilege to perform with him as a member of his wider musical family.

What a contribution he has made during his lifetime and what a great loss!

George Hungerford
I'm very sorry to hear the news about Sir Colin, but I have great memories of his outstanding concerts here in Boston.

Sheila Emery
RIP Sir Colin....... a great loss to the musical world, but you have left so many memories of wonderful music.

Paolo Furlan
Now He belongs to history.

Scott Haigh
First Assistant Principal Bass
The Cleveland Orchestra
It was my great privilege to play as a member of the Cleveland Orchestra under the baton of Colin Davis. He was not only a great musician and conductor, but a wonderful human being. In 1982 the Cleveland Orchestra was looking for a new music director and of course we were very interested in Sir Colin, but he turned it down so that he could be closer to his family and see them on a daily basis. A man of true character, he was. Our concerts with him were truly highlights of my orchestral career and I extend my deepest condolences to his family. He will be sorely missed.

Harold Braun
How very sad.Sir Colin was one of my favourite musicians ever,and I have seen him live quite frequently over more than 30 years.And of course he will live on on the many recordings of his i have,from the early 60s up to his last one,which quite fittingly was to be the Requiem of one of the composers he did most for,Berlioz
When I got my first job as a repetiteur in a small german opera house,i got the opportunity to conduct some operettas.My stick technique was quite lousy.and after a week of daily performances I had terrible pain in my wrist,my arm and my shoulders because doing it so stiff and tense,and i did not know how to go on the next week.Just by chance,I watched a concert with Sir Colin and,i believe,the Bavarian Radio Symphony on the telly.
I was immediately struck by the elegance,and relaxed,natural way he wielded his baton.I taped it on VHS,bought a baton similiar to his and started practicing after the videotape.The next week,i resumed my operetta performances,and you may guess it:No more pain,i could express myself much more freely,and the people on stage and in the pit liked it far better.It has stuck with me ever since.
Sir Colin will continue to lead an example for everyone aspiring to be a serious musician,and he will live on through his enormous recording legacy,forever and forever!

Ryan Reeson
He has had such an influence on me as a musician and I always hoped that someday I would meet him. Rest in peace, Maestro. You will be missed.

Judith Ogden
So sorry to hear the news of the loss of Sir Colin Davis. A colossal figure in the world of classical music who will be greatly missed.

Elizabeth Campbell
As a member of London Symphony Chorus, I was lucky enough to get to work with Sir Colin during the past four years and each time he brought an enthusiasm and humour that made rehearsing and performing with him a joy. I will always treasure particularly the repeat performances of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis from 2011, and last year's Berlioz Requiem concerts in St Paul's. He will be greatly missed but will forever be remembered for the music that he brought us. All my thoughts are with his family at this time, as well as his friends and colleagues. Rest In Peace.

Daniel Auner
I feel very honored to have experience Sir Davis as the conductor of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra some years ago. His, as he called his baton, "magic stick" was devoted to real emotions and complete perfection on stage that left a huge impact on us young musicians. Rest in peace, Sir Colin.

Peter G Dyson
An inspirational musician, teacher and man of the world, whom I count myself most fortunate to have studied with at The Royal Academy of Music in the early 1990's - an enormous loss to music and musicians everywhere, a truly humble and inspirational figure.

Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Thank you Sir Colin, for many happy hours of rehearsals and beautiful concerts while at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Your interpretations, vigour, devotion to young musicians, professionalism and sense of humour will be sorely missed.

Mark Gavartin
The classical music world has lost a truly inspirational character in Sir Colin Davis. Recordings are testament to quite how he breathed knowledgeable life into every note produced by the orchestra - for me, his recording of Beethoven's Choral Fantasy with the Bavarian RSO will now hold an even deeper meaning. He will be sorely missed.

Joshua Geddes
As a young conductor I am sadden by the passing of an inspirational musician and man. I saw him live once; Grande Messe des morts at St. Pauls in 2012. A moment I shall remember with fond memories. The Colours he brought out of the orchestra was superb. Vale Sir Colin.

David Lawrence
What a privilege it was to have met and studied with Sir Colin at the Royal Academy of Music. The first thing he taught us was that none of us should worry, since no-one starts conducting properly until they are 60. He taught us passionately that it is no good trying to be a conductor in front of an orchestra, that what is important is to stand there and be a musician. His passing is deeply sad. He takes with him an unfathomable understanding of music, musicians and humanity, but through the endless generosity of his experience, his life and legacy will live on through us all.

Thomas Roth
What a sad day. Berlioz, Tippett, Sibelius and many more all have a lot to thank Sir Colin for. I certainly do as he made them my favorite composers. 
Thank you so much for everything you gave.

Ben Reeve
So sad to hear about the passing of Sir Colin Davis. I remember him conducting me in NYO all those years ago - the man was so passionate about his music, and was fantastic with such a young orchestra. I still fondly remember his conducting of Elgar's 2nd Symphony with us - he was simply majestic. Before our first full rehearsal, Patrick Harrild warned us about Sir Colin's 'humming' - which he described as 'beautiful'. We, as young musicians who didn't really know quite how lucky we were to have Sir Colin waving the stick, laughed at this absurd notion. But when we heard him hum, it really was exactly that - beautiful. It was the sound of a man who connected so deeply with the music (and orchestra) he conducted, that he simply couldn't help himself. A lovely man (he took time to speak to me after a concert - I was admiring his impeccable bow-tie) - I'm more than certain that he will rest in serene musical peace. Thank you, Sir Colin.

Ellen Wellenstein
Fondly remembering Sir Colin Davis.

Alice Biddulph
Dear all at LSO,
I am so sorry to hear the news of Sir Colin Davis. My thoughts are with you and his family. I have had such fond memories of him as a Conductor and have always enjoyed watching your concerts with him.

Henriette Luytjes
It's with great sadness that I write this message. I have such warm memories of Sir Colin Davis. He used to work with my orchestra, The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra many times and every single time was a wonderful musical experience. The world has lost a great musician. R.i.p. Sir Colin.

David Hutchings
No! I really almost believed he was immortal; I know he wasn't exactly young but I never thought of him as being old - never! I only have one recording of his; his LSO Mozart Requiem - which seems rather fitting. I shall listen to it tomorrow! :'(

My sincere condolances to the family and friends of Sir Colin Davis, to The L.S.O. and everyone who had the the privilage of knowing a great musician and human being.

Richard Daubney
RIP Sir Colin. Music at the LSO will not be the same without you.

Claus Efland
Since I met Sir Colin for the first time, something changed in my life. Serving as an assistant to him I got to know him really well. He always took time to discuss scores and music. Even eating together with him was an inspiration. He will be hugely missed and the musical world will never see a personality like this. RIP Sir Colin with my biggest love and admiration. You gave so much.

David Elvin
A conductor unassuming and lacking in egotism on stage but who brought something very special to every work he conducted. We will miss him greatly. Rest in peace.

Luas Carlos de Sousa
RIP a great Conducter of our time!

Jim Lieberthal
The amazing recording of Les Troyens, conducted by Sir Colin Davis opened up a world to me that was completely new. I adored his recordings and appreciate so much his very special way of creating a 'sound' for Berlioz and the unique balance of qualities for his Mozart and Sibelius. He introduced me to many works by all of these composers and found his recordings of other composers also quite profound. He is part of my world and I will miss him greatly. Thanks for all the amazing recordings, so I can feel you are still here.

Luca Baccolini
Your supreme execution of Vaughan Williams will be unforgettable for me. Thank you so much and see you where the lark is ascending.

Olly Sapsford
A true inspiration and a man of the people and the music. Playing Elgar and later Sibelius with you was a privilege that will never be forgotten. Thank you. RIP

James Inverne
I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of Sir Colin, a great gentleman and a great musician. Of my many memories of him, onstage and in interview, perhaps the fondest is one of the last performances I saw him conduct. It was in Aix-en-Provence and he seemed renewed and reinvigorated by his latest-discovered love, the music of Nielsen. Lovely to see his enthusiasm, even at his relatively advanced years. He will be missed.

With condolences to his family and close friends

Pedro Lapena
Dear Maestro
You were one of the persons I admire most. You made us happy many times. We will not forget you

David Walker
Such a lovely man. We have very fond memories of his conducting LSO at the Barbican and leading masterclasses at LSO St Luke's. He will be sadly missed

Ben Hogwood
Thank you Sir Colin for your immeasurable contribution to classical music, not only in London but across the world. From second hand I know just how much you meant to the London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, the affection they hold speaks volumes.

On a personal note, the many, many wonderful recordings of everything from Handel to Sibelius will form a long and lasting legacy of very special music making.

Thank you for some truly wonderful and memorable music.

Richard Powell
What a great man, thanks so much for all the joy you gave so many people through music. I will never forget the live performances of yours I attended and I will always treasure many of your recordings. May you rest in peace and your family be comforted at this time. Thank you.

Ralf Lippold
Even though I never saw, or heard Sir Colin Davis on stage, I feel very sad that the world has lost such a thriving personality, being strongly connected with Dresden, and its opera house, the Semperoper.

My deepest, and encouraging thoughts for his family, his colleagues around the world. May his genius live on!

RIP Sir Colin Davis!

Georg Burdicek
Thank you for all the wonderful music full of spirit and passion! 
May your soul always be surrounded by heavenly music...

Mary Baker
As a member of the LSC I had the privilege of singing with Sir Colin on numerous occasions over 40 years. I shall never forget singing in Peter Grimes in New York and all the Berlioz works, especially The Trojans. He was an inspirational conductor with a wicked sense of humour. A great man who will be sorely missed.

Pablo García-López
Querido maestro usted seguirá vivo en nuestros corazones!

Eleni Nikolaidi
may he rest in peace... we will be listening to him for many many years to come...

Erico Mangaravite
Rest in peace, Maestro Davis. Your legacy in Mozart will not be forgotten.

Jacob Rowe
I will miss Sir Colin greatly - a great source of inspiration to so many young musicians. I feel very privelaged to have played under his baton. I will never forget a rehearsal where he was getting annoyed with a cymbal player who wasn't playing loudly enough. After several tries with little improvement, he got off his podium and left the rehearsal hall, leaving the orchestra very surprised and a little shocked. A couple of minutes later, there is an almighty crash from the percussion section - the orchestra turns round to see Sir Colin standing there with a massive grin on his face. "If I can do it, then so can you". An absolute legend who will never be forgotten.

Geoff Lavery
A sad loss to the musical world.

Helena Dix
Sir Colin,
You were an inspiration to so many. When you conducted my first Magic Flute you always bought sunshine into our rehearsal room. I still have memories of you singing along, every show, from the pit, note for note ! May you rest in peace and may the world remember you for the legend that you were.

Marc Gregory
Thank you, Sir Colin, for achieving greatness through being true to yourself and your vision, and thereby passing on to music lovers the world over a real sense of musical discovery and fulfilment. One in a billion. RIP.

Tim Riley
Requiescat! I hope this superb, modest musician got as much out of music making as he gave to us who listened in wonder and gratitude. I weep at the thought that I shall never be at a Colin Davis concert again. But what riches we have had, and can rejoice in.

Peter McMullin
A great musical ambassador has gone. Without Sir Colin we would probably yet to be discovering the works of Berlioz in all their crazy glory. Thank you for your enormous contribution to the musical life of this country. You will be greatly missed.

Peter Cullen
Sir Colin Davis will always be remembered as one of the great conductors. His Berlioz and Sibelius in particular achieved the highest standards. A very sad loss to music and to Britain.

Borjan Canev
Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra
Principal conductor
(RCM Alumni)Rest in peace Sir Colin, and thank you for being my inspiration.

Erika Gnauer Winter
Mit Sir Collin Davis verlieren wir wieder einen der wundervollsten Dirigenten. Ja, leider, niemand kann ewig leben!!! Ich bedaure seinen Tod sehr!

Linda & David Gerow
Thank you for being, Colin, and for all the wonderful music you created. There is a huge void in musical life.
You will be greatly missed.

Alina Vlad
Thank you for making me love and appreciate Mozart like nobody else has before. I hope you are now having a chat with him in a wonderful place

Marta Lozano Molano
What a sad new! so so sad. I send my condolence to his family. I met him during my time at the London Symphony Chorus. I will never forget our Missa Solemnis Tour, especially our concert at the Beethovenhalle in Bonn during the Beethoven Fest of 2011. It was a very important moment, full of complicity. Rest in peace.

Paula Barber
I offer my deep and sincere condolence, on the passing of Sir Colin Davis, to his family, friends and worldwide communities. He shared his profound love and passion for music in such a way that millions were drawn to hear it, seek to perform it, and take it into their hearts and lives. He will be deeply missed.

Paul Thomas Walsh
A great sadness, yet framed by the wonderful musical legacy that Sir Colin leaves behind him. One of the greats. A pure musician.

Sue Jones
As a former member of the London Symphony Chorus I was privileged to sing under Sir Colin many times. He will be sadly missed. My condolences to his family.

Elliot Corner
Sir Colin, you were an inspiring conductor and musician. Your direction of every orchestra you worked with was phenomenal, and the musical world is mourning the loss of one of the greatest conductors in history. Sleep well, and may your skills with a baton be passed to someone in a new generation.

Robert Dorrington
Very Sad... my condolences to his family, friends and colleagues and audiences with whom he will surely be greatly missed. RIP

Okko Kamu
Will always remember when we met for the first time in Savonlinna in the 1980's!

Joseba Lopezortega
Con profundos dolor y reconocimiento

Paul Johnson
I only saw him conduct live in concert on one occasion and that was with the LSO in Cardiff.

He infused everything he conducted with great warmth and humanity. The first vinyl album I ever bought was Beethoven's 5th and Mozart's 40th Symphonies with Sir Colin conducting.

R.I.P. Sir Colin. Your passing is a loss to music and humanity.

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