CPD Graduation September 2012

CPD Graduation September 2012

Teacher training session - Rachel Leach

Teacher training session - Rachel Leach

CPD Barbican performance

CPD Barbican performance

LSO On Track CPD for Primary Teachers

LSO On Track CPD for Primary Teachers in East London aims to develop confidence and strategies for using music in the classroom, focusing on a creative approach to music-making.

Led by LSO Animateur Rachel Leach and LSO players, activities aim to give teachers instantly applicable practical ideas to use in the classroom with KS1 and KS2 students, including those in special education.

During any given CPD workshop we aim to help participants:

  • gain confidence both in teaching music and in using their own personal creative skills
  • learn warm up exercises, appropriate for different musical and classroom situations
  • play with other teachers in an ensemble
  • use simple music leadership and conducting techniques

LSO Discovery CPD for Primary Teachers
2014/15 Activity

  • Creative Day: Access Classical
    Monday 23 March 2015, LSO St Luke's
  • Summer Course: Creative Leadership Skills
    April - June 2015

Please see below for more details.

Creative Day: Access Classical
Monday 23 March 2015, LSO St Luke's

*includes follow-up session on 23 Apr with attendance at an LSO evening concert

A day-long workshop for primary school teachers and other staff teaching music, who are musically confident or have existing musical experience, dispelling the myth that western classical music is hard or inaccessible to children by exploring the history of western classical music through class composition and using musical forms from different eras to structure those compositions.

Led by LSO Animateur Rachel Leach and musicians from the London Symphony Orchestra, the group will travel through 300 years of music and 4 musical periods using composition to discover the main features of music from each period, from Baroque dance suites to the breakdown of rules in 20th century music.

The Creative Day will leave you with ideas you can immediately try out in class, after which you will attend a follow-up session to share your experiences with fellow teachers and discuss solutions to problems with LSO Animateur Rachel Leach, before attending an LSO concert.

Dates, Times, Location

Creative Day
Date: Monday 23 March
Times: 10:00am-3:00pm
Location: LSO St Luke's, 161 Old Street, London EC1V 9NG

Follow-up session
Date: Thursday 23 April
Time: 6:30-7:15pm follow-up session; 7:30-c9:30pm LSO concert
Location: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London EC2Y 8DS

*Teachers are automatically booked onto the follow-up session when booked for the Creative Day on 23 Mar.

Booking information
Cost to school: £75 + VAT per teacher

To book a place, please call Barbican Box Office on 020 7638 8891.

Summer course: Creative Leadership Skills 
April-June 2015
* includes a school visit from Rachel Leach & 1 LSO musician and Key Stage 2 concert tickets

Who can apply?
Primary school teachers and other staff teaching music in London boroughs with existing musical experience, musically confident teachers or staff and music specialists. To take part in this course, participants will need to be able to work with a Key Stage 2 class in school. 

This course focuses on developing teacher’s creative leadership skills in music, building on existing musical skills and confidence. Working through a series of sessions, led by LSO Animateur Rachel Leach, teachers will plan a creative project to lead with their class in school, using Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition as a starting point. Sessions will be supported by LSO musicians and a specialist tutor from the LSO’s partner Music Services in East London. 

Alongside sessions with the LSO, teachers will work with a Key Stage 2 class in preparing their piece, which will be followed by a visit to school from Rachel Leach and 1 LSO musician. As part of the project, you and your class will also attend LSO Discovery’s Key Stage 2 Schools Concert at the Barbican, based on Mussorgsky’s work.

This course will involve: 

  • 1 full day and a half day workshop at LSO St Luke’s
  • 1 after-school session to discuss any thoughts or problems you have come across whilst working with your class
  •  A school visit from Rachel Leach and 1 LSO musician
  • Schools Concert tickets to bring your class to the Barbican
  • An LSO evening concert ticket
  • After-school feedback and evaluation session

Dates, Times, Locations

Monday 20 April: LSO St Luke’s
Session 1: 10:00am-12:30pm – Key Stage 2 Schools Concert teacher preparation session
Led by Rachel Leach, this session will focus on introducing teachers to the repertoire in the concert, learning the participation song and an introduction to the creative task you will lead in school.

Session 2: 1:15-3:30pm – Afternoon introduction to the course
Following the morning INSET, this session will further explore the creative project you will be leading with your class. This session will cover how to “de-compose” and break down a piece of classical music into 3 achievable ideas and musical starting points, and how to go about planning your own project.

Tuesday 6 May: 9:30-11:30am, LSO St Luke’s
Each teacher presents their three ideas for the project to the group, followed by group discussion on project plans and differentiating work.

Tuesday 19 May: 4:30-6:30pm, venue tbc
This session is an opportunity for all the teachers to discuss how their project has progressed, what problems they have come up against and how best to overcome them. Teachers can share their thoughts and experiences, and use this as an opportunity to try new ideas out with the group.

*School visits will take place between 8-25 June
LSO Discovery staff will work with you to schedule your visit at the beginning of the project.

Monday 29 June: Key Stage 2 concert
The Schools Concerts are at 10:40am or 12pm and last for 1 hour. Teachers should bring the class that they have been working with on the creative project and ticket costs for this are included in your course fees.

Tuesday 30 June: 4:30-6:30pm, venue tbc
Feedback and evaluation session

We would also like to invite teachers on the course to attend the LSO concert on Wednesday 7 May, 7.30pm at the Barbican Centre, free of charge.

Booking information

Cost: £500 + VAT per teacher

If you’re interested in applying for a place on the Creative Leadership Skills course, please email Beth Kershaw, LSO Discovery Projects Co-ordinator on bethan.kershaw@lso.co.uk including the following information:

  • Applicant name
  • Position in school
  • School Name
  • School Borough
  • Email address (please make sure this is an email address you have access to rather than a generic school email address)


For more information about LSO Discovery CPD activity, please get in touch with Beth Kershaw, LSO Discovery Projects Co-ordinator on bethan.kershaw@lso.co.uk or 020 7382 2505.

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