LSO Leader Gordan Nikolitch

LSO Leader Gordan Nikolitch

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If you decide to leave a lasting gift to the LSO, we would be very pleased to hear from you. While there is no obligation to let us know your intentions we would like to have the chance to thank you for your kindness, keep you informed of the LSO's work and ensure that your wishes are carried out accurately. You can be assured that your contribution will be valued and put to good use.

For more information about leaving a gift to the LSO please contact:

Jessica Blackstone, Patrons & Friends Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 7382 2514

LSO Ltd is a registered charity no 232391.
LSO Endowment Trust is a registered charity no 233700.

A bequest to us will be deducted from your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated thereby reducing the overall amount of Inheritance Tax payable.

The LSO accepts legacies in the form of cash, shares or capital, all of which are tax-effective giving. We suggest that you speak to your solicitor about your specific circumstances.

> Leaving a legacy gift

> Example Will wording

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