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Lift at LSO St Luke's

Lift at LSO St Luke's

Signage in LSO St Luke's

Signage in LSO St Luke's


LSO St Luke’s is fully accessible. The building is on three levels, all with lift access. The performance space and the Stalls of the Jerwood Hall are at ground level.

To speak to a member of LSO St Luke's staff for further information about access to the Centre, call +44 (0)20 7490 3939 or email

Jerwood Hall (ground floor level)

Ramps allow easy access to the Main Entrance on Helmet Row. From here there is level access to the Jerwood Hall and all levels through push-plate doors and using lifts.

The Hall has two levels, Stalls and Balcony. When in use for a concert, there is a tiered seating bank with rows of linked chairs on floor level in front. The wheelchair accessible spaces at the stalls level are on either side of the flat-level seating on the front and back rows.

The Balcony has a single row of seats that wrap around the auditorium. Some of the fixed seating can be removed to make three wheelchair positions available.

Jerwood Hall Balcony and Crypt

From the Main Entrance, automatic doors provide a route to the lift in the northwest stairwell, which goes up to the Balcony or down to the Crypt. Automatic doors give full access to the public areas of both levels.

From the Artists Entrance, a lift goes down to the Crypt, from which access to the Crypt facilities is on one level.

Hearing facility

LSO St Luke's has personal receivers for use with our infra-red system with or without a hearing aid. These can be collected from the Main Entrance for concerts and on request from a member of LSO St Luke's staff for other events. Please telephone in advance to ensure that we have sufficient receivers available, as numbers are limited.

Guide and hearing dogs

If you would like your dog to remain with you in the auditorium or for someone to look after your dog please contact a member of LSO St Luke's staff to arrange this in advancer.

Accessible toilets

LSO St Luke's has two accessible toilets, both in the Crypt. One is adjacent to the public toilets and can be reached by crossing the Cafe. The other is for staff/performers and is located in the service corridor near the conductor's green room. Members of staff can give directions to this facility when appropriate.


LSO St Luke's has one payphone in the southwest stairwell at Crypt level, though it is not positioned at wheelchair height. If you are visiting LSO St Luke's in a wheelchair and require the use of a telephone, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to assist you.

You can also download this information in PDF format. See below.

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