Violin and music

Violin and music

September 2011

BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert - Khatia Buniatishvili

Thu 29 Sep 2011 1pm, LSO St Luke's

The Observer, 1 Oct 2011
Hurrah for lunchtime concerts, those civilised oases where we can lay aside the stresses and strains of the working day and allow music to cool our fevered brows or inspire us on to fresh endeavour ... Buniatishvili is definitely a pianist to watch.
Read full review, 30 Oct 2011
... we were not disappointed in passionate engagement and the finale was overwhelming. It’s a curious feeling being wrung though the mill at lunchtime – as the sun streams through the windows of St Luke’s – but it was well worth it.
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Brahms/Tchaikovsky - Valery Gergiev/Nelson Freire

Sun 25 Sep 2011 7.30pm, Barbican

The Guardian, 27 Sep 2011
The finale, opening playfully, lightened the mood; here especially, Freire seemed part of the orchestra, the focus passing from the piano to one or other of the LSO's outstanding soloists and back again.
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The Observer, 1 Oct 2011
There was no lack of passion in Tchaikovsky's fourth symphony, and no false histrionics either; Gergiev knows that it comes scorching off the page without the help of empty gestures. No wonder they roared for more.
Read full review, 26 Sep 2011
This was an outstanding concert from first note to last … From David Pyatt’s serene opening horn solo the LSO’s response was to offer full-blooded, gold-plated support in every department.
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XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition Winners' Gala - Valery Gergiev

Wed 21 Sep 2011 7pm, Barbican

The Independent, 22 Sep 2011
[Pianist Daniil Trifanov had] power in spades, crystalline passage-work, and a pearlised singing tone: he’s already got it all, and his encore – Liszt’s ‘La Campanella’ – had both flawless delicacy, and an engaging modesty. In short, this year’s jury knew what it was doing.
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The Times, 22 Sep 2011
Dispatching the Piano Concerto No 1, what was most noticeable about this fizzing display [from pianist Daniil Trifanov] was showmanship without ostentatious theatrics, and a generous willingness, particularly in the balletic second movement, to let Gergiev and the by now fully fired-up London Symphony players to take the lead where the music required it.
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The Guardian, 22 Sep 2011
The brightest star of the evening was the 23-year-old Narek Hakhnazaryan, an Armenian cellist of real maturity whose performance of the Variations on a Rococo Theme was characterful and well-judged.
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[Pianist Daniil Trifanov] enjoyed the never-failing power, passion and sympathy of Gergiev and the LSO. Trifonov was in many ways sensational, in love with the piano and everything he can do with it.
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BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert - Llyr Williams

Thu 15 Sep 2011, LSO St Luke's, 16 Sep 2011
Williams produced a perfect gem of a recital that allowed us a very human insight into the composer’s music.
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BBC Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert - Barry Douglas

Thu 8 Sep 2011 1pm, LSO St Luke's, 9 Sep 2011
Elegant, dramatic and Olympian, this was compelling Beethoven playing. And for those who don’t know LSO St Luke’s, the hall is particularly good for piano recitals, with its warm, lively acoustic and good sight-lines. Nice restaurant, too.
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Beethoven Missa Solemnis - Sir Colin Davis et al, BBC Proms

Sun 4 Sep 2011 7pm, Royal Albert Hall

The Guardian, 5 Sep 2011
[Davis'] performance with the London Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Chorus and London Philharmonic Choir was awesome in its impact.
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The Independent, 5 Sep 2011
Gordan Nikolitch’s exquisite violin solo set the seal on this mind-blowingly wonderful performance.
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Evening Standard, 5 Sep 2011
There was a tense majesty in this performance, the players of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) responding warmly and alertly to Davis's exhortations, while leader Gordan Nikolitch luxuriated in the long violin solo bestowed upon him in the Praeludium.
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The Daily Telegraph, 5 Sep 2011
In the Incarnatus, the four soloists intertwined with Gareth Davies' flute solo in a beautifully judged ensemble.
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The Arts Desk, 5 Sep 2011
Davis’s choral forces guided the audience carefully through the many faces of intercession Beethoven exposes, gaining our trust before mercilessly flinging us aside for the ensemble virtuosity of the Gloria.
Read full review, 5 Sep 2011
The London Symphony Orchestra responded to its former Principal Conductor and current President with a layered, refined sound, properly Classical yet full of Romantic possibility, generously fulfilled in Gordan Nikolitch’s glorious playing of the violin solo in the ‘Benedictus’.
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The Times, 6 Sep 2011
In Colin Davis’s interpretation with the London Symphony Orchestra, London Symphony Chorus and London Philharmonic Choir, one sensed two sorts of anguish jostling each other: the anguish of our fractious, pessimistic times; and the anguish of a pensive octogenarian courageously showing that age does not always bring solace.
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Financial Times, 6 Sep 2011
Conductor Colin Davis could not be in less of a hurry to show off these days. He gives the music all the time it needs and then some more, allowing space for sonorities to blend and the mind to ponder on the philosophical radiance of one of Beethoven’s most challenging works.
Read full review, 7 Sep 2011
I have not heard a more convincing interpretation than this one by Sir Colin Davies, an intrepid supporter of a work that seemed (more than ever in this performance) to be very close to his own heart.
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The Spectator, 8 Sep 2011
Sir Colin Davis led the LSO and two choirs in faithful supplication to impart to us a vision of the divine spirit: it was the perfect spiritual consummation to this season of Proms.
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Sunday Times, 11 Sep 2011
[Sir Colin Davis] was certainly the conductor to heed this composer’s example in seeking the loftiest spiritual affirmation while taking absolutely nothing, from a ­religious point of view, for granted
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Mail on Sunday, 11 Sep 2011
... it was deeply satisfying to savour such a calm, unhurried unfolding of this great masterpiece which never understated its fundamental power.
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